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SLD: No results so far.
So far, I've not had real luck with noticeable long-turn appetite suppression with SLD. As such, I don't think I'm losing weight or having sustained blood sugar improvement.

This morning, I decided to address this by adding 15g of flaxseed oil to the mix, so now I'm trying to take 60g of canola and 15g of flaxseed. I'm using the "pinch my nose closed so I don't taste the flaxseed oil method.

Initial impressions: I think the next time I buy flax oil for SLD, I won't get the kind with added lignin. The oil has bits of ground-up flaxseed in it, which is good for health benefits, but adds a bit more flavor and texture than I really want for SLD. Also, flax oil is visibly denser and darker than canola. I put 61g of canola in a clear glass on my scale, and poured in 15g of flax oil, and the flax oil sank to the bottom and was brownish/golden instead of yellow.

We'll see how this works.

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I think you're doing it wrong sweety... the oil is not meant as a substitute for breakfast.... you should really eat breakfast... btw: did you take your meds this morning?

I disagree. Since I wrote that post, I feel I've been doing better with the hunger management.

I feel that some of my problem is habitual eating. I eat sometimes when I'm supposed to be eating, regardless of my hunger level. I eat quantities of food that are unrelated to how hungry or satiated I feel. etc.

What I need to do for this diet to work is to start listening to my body. When I'm not hungry, don't eat. When I'm satiated, stop eating. When I am hungry, consider eating.

The only rules that really apply here are (a) I should listen to my body (good advice in any case), and (b) I should eat a bunch of flavorless calories well away from other flavors so I don't associate the calories with the flavors.

Insisting that I eat breakfast regardless of actual hunger level doesn't play well with that.

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