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Late, as usual....
I told skitten that I would be home at 5, no doubt about it, and blew off her admonishment that when I say I'll be home at 5, I never am.

At 4:50, one of the VPs here came by and told everyone we had a company-wide meeting, now. So I couldn't be home at 5, but it wasn't my fault.

Now I'm waiting for the champaign to wear off.

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champagne??? I wish *I * could get a job at your offuce!!! *gee* *grumble grumble*

btw: eva is waiting for us....

Champaign sounds good...

And there are times when work comes before 90% of all else. I'm glad you've learned that.

Very rarely, of course, when work comes before all else is that good, but apparently it was this time. :-)

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