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This weekend I did well with the diet -- I managed to find a 2-hour window each day to take my oil, but I only managed to measure my blood sugars once.  I also left the glucometer in the car, so I didn't have it to check yesterday or this morning.

I also didn't find a 2-hour window when I (a) had my oil available, and (b) hadn't eaten yesterday, so I ended up skipping the oil.  This morning, however, my weight was 276 and I took my oil first thing.  I have to remember and force myself to take the oil first thing because I normally have no desire to eat anything when I first get up.  That makes it an ideal time to do the SLD thing since I don't eat while asleep, and I don't do breakfast for an hour or so after waking, so right when I wake up is perfect.

I can't say for certain that I'm feeling the hunger sessation yet, but I think I was satisfied with a smaller-than-usual breakfast this morning, and I'm not nearly as hungry now as I would have normally expected.  I haven't had lunch yet, and I'm not rushing home to get it.

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I'd actually been wondering about this; whether taking the oil first thing would make me feel nauseous. Do you ever feel a little sick, or does it sit well with you?

I don't get nauseous from the oil; it sits well with me. From past experience with over-eating greasy foods, I was more concerned about acid reflux. Concerns about acid reflux are one reason why I'm somewhat reluctant to try it at night right before bed.

When I wake up, it's not that food makes me nauseous, but that I have a disinterest in eating -- no hunger, no temptation to snack, etc. Yesterday I didn't eat for an hour after waking (and taking the oil), today it was an hour and a half.

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