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(no subject)
Today was an inauspicious start to the SLD diet.  Of the things I am planning to do everyday in the morning (weigh myself, measure by blood sugars, drink 4T of oil, take meds) I only did two: drink the oil and take my meds.  I did, however, get my blood drawn first and I didn't eat before the oil nor for an hour after.  So I'm following the diet, I just didn't monitor myself as I had hoped.

I'm going away for the next couple of days to a folk festival.  My oil and shot glass are packed, as is my glucometer.  I'm not packing my scale, nor am I bringing my computer.  The next update won't be until Monday, probably.

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Do you mind if I add you to my reading list? I've tried the Shangri La diet a bit (currently find myself very busy and holding off on starting it again until I'm more focused), and am interested in following your journey.

In case you're wondering - I have a Google Alert for "Seth Roberts", and today the alert linked to your blog because you mentioned his name.

- Hollie

I don't feel I have much cause for objection to people reading my public journal. If I felt like I didn't want unknown people reading it, I could always make it friends-only or private. But I've chosen not to. Enjoy!

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