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Pendorverse Wiki
For a long time, I have enjoyed elfs erotic fiction series The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et al. If you aren't familiar with them, and you have an open mind, I'd highly suggest giving them a try. It's one of the few SF erotica series I've found where I can be satisfied skipping over the sex to get to the SF, or skipping over the SF to get to the sex.

(Needless to say, if you follow the link I gave, you could end up exposed to frank textual descriptions of relationships and sexual acts between (usually) consenting.....sapients. Not all are biological, most aren't human, not all are chronologically adult, but all are emotionally and intellectually capable of giving consent, and with exceedingly rare exception, do. If this is not something you should be exposed to at your current state of emotional or chronological development, or in your current location, then do not follow the link).

The real point of this posting was to spread the word that elfs has decided to open up a user-contributed wiki to discuss/annotate/describe his Pendorverse. It doesn't have a lot of content yet, but it's a wiki so people can add stuff. I've already added some pages, and plan to try to add one or more a day for a while, both as a way to help out and as an excuse to reread the nearly 300 stories in the collection. You can find it at the Pendorverse Wiki. As expected, my username there is Blaisepascal.