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That isn't a blood-pressure measurement, but it would be better if it looked like one. Dr. Van Doren wants me to take my glucose measurement twice daily, before breakfast and before dinner. The figure in the subject line is my glucose level (in mg/dL) and my weight (in kg). Both numbers are high; better figures for me would be a glucose level of 120mg/dL or so, and a weight of 80kg, for a "reading" of 120/80.

When the weather gets a little better, I'm going to start trying to bike to work, and also bike laps around the block when I get up for exercise. I can't bike to work everyday, since I have to take skitten to PT appointments, but I can do it several days.

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Thanks for posting that. Have you had your sleep apnea appt yet?

I'm of the opinion that he can bike to & from work before taking me to the appointments& before & after lunch.... I used to walk there in ten minutes flat pre-stroke...not sure why he can't..... If he waits till it gets too warm he won't do it.....

Tomorrow morning. I have to fill out the paperwork tonight.

I LOVE riding my bike. It's my favorite part of the day. I am trying to make it a habit to ride at least 2 miles at least 3 days a week. So far I have ridden my bike every day this week.

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