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Hey Aylinn
Aylinn, when I saw this MAKE: Magazine blog entry this morning, I immediately thought of you.

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curious what exactly about this article brought her to mind.... hmmm... is this a geek-out question that I'm going to regret? ;)

well, aside from the picture of the Commodore PET...

I had a PET in college and Hobbit & I are notorious for our "Battles Royale" over C64 vs PET.


The Pet was outstanding for data and mathematics work. The C 64 (my beloved) was outstanding for graphics and getting people mostly kids involved with computers.

My wife still has an ego issue with the Pet. The Hobbit had it about the c64 and if I remeber correctly the 128 as well.

I still want to see some place 17 1541 / 1581 to one c64. Yes it can be done. I know. You can use from drive 8 to driver 30.

Have a nice day.


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