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The Alternatives library upgraded their public-use computer to a P4 machine running WinXPPro and IE7. IE7 is horribly slow. Ugh. I don't think I've ever played with it before.

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IE 7 sucks dugong dong. M$ has issued a number of patches, but even they don't completely solve the problems. I hope the library has at least installed all the patches!

I would doubt it. Actually, given the nature of the library, I'm surprised that they don't have FireFox installed.

I use SeaMonkey, which integrates a mail/Usenet utility with a browser. Basically, it does exactly what the old versions of Netscape used to do, only it does them well, and up to modern standards. (I'd delete IE completely and permanently, if it weren't so thoroughly entangled with the O/S.) Perhaps you could offer your services as a "computer consultant" to the library?

free access= beggars can't be choosers :)

I have actually not seen a problem with IE 7 on my machine, though I use firefox instead. I keep exploder 7 for use on the microsloth update site.

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