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(no subject)
A new acquisition this weekend (well, friday) was a 5x5x5 Rubik's Cube. I figured, based on my previous experience with electronic versions (and extant physical versions of 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 cubes), that it would take me several hours to solve once I messed it up. I'm not certain if I should be happy or sad that it only takes me a half-hour. I'm not setting any speed records (the record for speed-cubing a 5x5x5 is about how long it takes me to solve a 3x3x3 on a good day (under 90 seconds!)), and I know parts of my solution is inefficient. But I can solve any NxNxN cube, given a reasonable amount of time. Once you get the 4x4x4 (which took a long time for me to crack), the higher orders don't add anything fundamentally new.

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(Deleted comment)
See my comment to Anarchist_Nomad.

"Challenge" isn't the issue. I've known for years that i had all 133t sk1lz needed to solve any order Rubik's Cube. If I had wanted a challenge in that regard, I wouldn't have bought the 5x5x5.

To a large degree, Rubik's cubes are a fidget-toy for me. There isn't any challenge, but they give my hands something to do. I was expecting the 5x5x5 to take longer, is all.

There are two problems with a 4x4x4x4.... 1) since I can't actually hold a 4 dimensional object, it'd have to be computerized, and 2) I'd probably want to start with a 2x2x2x2, as dealing solely with corners would be easier to start with.

I feel rather ignorant reading this, since I have yet to solve the Cube. Of course, I haven't tried in probably 20 years.

you left your cell phone at home- please come home for dinner... thanks :)

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