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Dear lazyweb... Looking for manual
I have in my possession what I believe is a Gilson Midget circular slide-rule. What I don't have is a manual for it. So far, my web searches have allowed me to identify the slide rule (as one site put it, is Gilson the only manufacturer to NOT put their name on their sliderules?), but I haven't been able to find a manual.

Is anyone better at esoteric searches than I am?

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you might want to try:

The have data on many circular slide rules.

Below is an ebay add for the manual


If I find my manual I will let you know. I inherited one from my grandfather in-law along with several traditional slide rules. I think the ivory and walnut one is by far the prettiest. The date on it is 1919.


you have time to do this at work young man? you can watch shamanic princess again by yourself... it's wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too bizarre... *shakes head*

I posted this journal entry at 9:57pm. I wasn't at work then.

you mean I actually haved to notice *time*? ;)

Hello, I was directed to your journal by AceLightning. I like it. I hope I may add you to my friends' list?

it is my philosophy that I can't control what others choose to read. Feel free, if it is your choice, to add me to your friends list.

Conversely, I'll probably check out your journal and see if I want to read it.

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