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Narcobibliophilia, or the Scholar's Mistress.
I added a new item to my interest list: narcobibliophilia. It's a neologism which would translate roughly to "enjoying sleeping with books". When I have room on my bed, I'll usually have at least 1 and usually a lot more books in bed with me. They may be books I'm reading, books I've read, or books I want to read. It's a habit of mine.

I've also heard the same thing called the "Scholar's Mistress", a pile of books on the bed where another person would usually be.

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There were very few results for "Scholar's Mistress". Most of them were discussions of Fritz Leiber's "Our Lady of Darkness" (which is where I learned the term).

I did find one OK Cupid profile where the guy said he had a "Scholar's Mistress" (he probably got the term from Fritz Leiber, since he reads the same books I do) But he also called his book pile his "Bookworm Bitch"

Any results for narcobibliophilia?

No But there is a Wikipedia entry for Bibliophily That answers most of your questions about word construction.

I was going to mention Fritz Leiber, but sheherazahde beat me to it...

I've done the same thing, but usually because I fell asleeep while reading. Only with me it's not just books, but also gardening catalogues, especially at this time of year.

~~ lusts after the new varieties of camellias on sale at Wayside Gardens ~~


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