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(no subject)
Better home-ec skills would allow me to just drop $400 on a Scooba and Roomba combo pack. For some reason I think it would have the perverse effect of making me keep the house less cluttered so that the robots can roam freely. Getting a work-saving device would lead to more work, but less griping about it. Reasonable. If I could drop $400 right now on it.

An LJ-Friend recently got one and he reported that after he let the scooba run amok in his kitchen for a few hours, he looked at the clean shiny floor and was amazed. He then looked at the brown gunk in the scooba and was not that happy at having walked on that crud for a long time. He was less thrilled about the black sludge in the scooba after it went amok in his bathroom. But he was happy about the clean floors.

If anyone is feeling generous......

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Scooba and Roomba combo pack.

I tried to convince J that we needed those, but he wasn't buying it... literally or figuratively.

I've seen them separately for less than $200, so if you were serious I would hold out on that. Then again, it was Woot.com that had them, and they are seriously hit or miss...

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