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Loney here at work.
Apparently while I was out sick, the programmers moved into the new office (across the parkinglot from the old office), because when I got in yesterday, none of our computers were in the old office. Luckily, I have a key to the new space.

No one else showed up all day, except for Ethan, a higher-up who likes to visit (I think he used to be in the "chain of command", but we no longer report to him). I figured things would get back to normal today.

I just got a visit from T.J., a former summer-intern who will be working full-time here as a programmer starting next week. The banks aren't open yet, so he had a few minutes to kill. It turns out that when he asked if he should come in this week, he was told no one would be here -- except maybe for me.

So I'm here alone this week at work. Knowing me, this isn't conducive to me actually getting much work done.

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If it will help, feel free to call my room #- GET TO WOTK YOUNG MAN *LOVE!*

That is SO THE BEST TIME to get anything done. No one to bother you, turn up the volume on the radio and just do the thing. I miss that.

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