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Good news, bad news.
Good news: skitten is coming to Ithaca tomorrow morning. She isn't coming home, but rather to Beechtree Care Center, which is located very near home. With luck, she should be able to visit the kitties before the end of the week. loveotter and I are, hopefully, going to take her out to dinner Friday.

Bad news: I seem to have some sort of bug of the intestinal variety. I'm used to drinking liquid and having to go to the bathroom to get rid of it, but not in this way. Was that too visual?

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A little, but it made me laugh so abruptly that I snorted diet coke.

I emphathize completely, my entire family had it, and it's not pretty. It's going around like wildfire. Speedy recovery!

Much to visual! :-)

OK, not really.

Be careful with Kaaren. Don't give it to her. She certainly doesn't need that now.

Very, very glad she's coming to Beechtree.

I am very, very glad. And I am concerned about giving it to her.

Sorry you're not feeling well.

I'm glad someone else is bringing Skitten to Ithaca. The facility looks nice. Do you have any idea how she would be there?

On another note, I sent a package 2nd day yesterday so you should get it tomorrow or the next day. Would you let me know it has arrived?

Re: Sorry you're not feeling well.

I'll let you know when the package comes.

I'm assuming that your question was "how long she would be there". That depends on what her therapists think. I suspect it won't be very long; a couple of weeks to a month or so. But I don't know for certain.

I'm glad to hear about skitten.

Oh, and the visual? I'm feeling the same way - that's why I'm not going to morris music practice tonight.

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