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(no subject)
Ganked from stregadelsol:

May I choose a book for someone?

I shall be the not-so-secret Santa for the first person to respond to this post who is not already on my personal gift list.


* Don't know me in real life.
* Like to read.
* Don't mind giving your real name and address to a stranger (me) when I give you my email address
* Will carry this forward.


* Am your not-so-secret Santa.
* Will reply back to the first qualifying comment & I will be asking you to send me your mailing address via my email.
* Will study your Interests list, and decide on a book to send to you for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Giftmas, Yule, Solstice, whatever you like. The book might be a used book. It might be a book you already have (but I'm going to try not to send a common one).
* Will mail the book during the week of December 15 to the address you give me via email.


* Carry it forward (do the same thing for someone on your friends list).

(Someone else qualified before I saw her post, but I liked the idea enough to carry it forward anyway.)

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Buggar~ guess I'm too late. :(

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