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Ganked from stregadelsol:

May I choose a book for someone?

I shall be the not-so-secret Santa for the first person to respond to this post who is not already on my personal gift list.


* Don't know me in real life.
* Like to read.
* Don't mind giving your real name and address to a stranger (me) when I give you my email address
* Will carry this forward.


* Am your not-so-secret Santa.
* Will reply back to the first qualifying comment & I will be asking you to send me your mailing address via my email.
* Will study your Interests list, and decide on a book to send to you for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Giftmas, Yule, Solstice, whatever you like. The book might be a used book. It might be a book you already have (but I'm going to try not to send a common one).
* Will mail the book during the week of December 15 to the address you give me via email.


* Carry it forward (do the same thing for someone on your friends list).

(Someone else qualified before I saw her post, but I liked the idea enough to carry it forward anyway.)

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Hee! This sounds like fun. Can I play?

Sure. I don't think I've met you in real life, so it'll work out fine.

Are you willing to send your physical mailing address to (my LJ name) at

I'll look over your journal and interests in the next couple of weeks and send you a book.

Buggar~ guess I'm too late. :(

please reply to my important email thanks! *hug*

I'm enjoying Anansi Boys :)

Oh, so that's where I left it!

Make sure you don't lose my bookmark

Yeah right, you use bookmarks huh? ;)

I did in this case, and I reminded you of it when I left the book.

And remember to sign in next time!

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