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I think I missed the memo
I thought today was a work-day, but no one is here. Part of my office is a contracting firm (as in, folks who go refurbish houses, not folks who program to contract), and the builders are usually in around 7am or so. I got here at 8:30ish, and I turned off the alarm.

Unfortunately, I'm screwed because I've already drunk most of a 20oz coffee, designed to help me stay awake after the really strong mug of coffee I drank last night at 8pm kept me up until 6:30am. Even if I did decide that this is a holiday and I could go home, I wouldn't be able to go to sleep. So I might as well stay.

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Screw that! Use the time you've got to go out and do something else. Go see a movie or go out on a hike.

Silly working.

It turns out that today is available as an unpaid holiday, so I'm working. Besides, a couple of other people (including the rest of the development team that isn't 8 hours away for Thanksgiving) are here now.

OH, that's totally different.

eek!that's a whole lotta cofee.... hope you get to sleep... *hug*

Now THATS dedication!!! I have to work this weekend, much to my chagrin. After all, what good is a 4 day weekend if you have to work through two of the days?

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