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Dancing dream
Last night (well, this morning) I dreamt a new contra-dance. Actually, I think it was more of a triplet dance, or a triplet progressive dance.

Unfortunately, I also felt it fade from my mind when I woke up, so all I remember of it is the name: The Tailer Burns the Trousers.

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Last night I dreamed that I faced down some black gangster in my grandmother's house. He was threatening me because he didn't want to replace a plaster deer head that he had taken off the wall. I got all up in his grill and told him to basically check himself before he wrecked himself. I think he respected me after that.

A couple of nights ago I dreamed that I was in a room with all these enclosed glass hexagonal shower stalls, each one with a beautiful naked girl or two in them. You could go in and shower with them for a quarter; there was a coin machine locking the door. I don't recall taking a shower at that time, but I must have, because I came back later and two of the girls in one stall asked me if I wanted to take another shower with them. When I said yes, the girl in the shower next to them asked if she could join us.

Some dreams I really, REALLY hate waking up from....

With a name like that, it must have had a spritely tune to go with it. Maybe it could have been like a sword dance, but with flames!!!

Can we go shopping at Wegmans Friday night?
I spoke to Rauncie and she is looking forward to seeing us Saturday night.
I promised her we would keep her informed of our ETD and ETA.

Sounds good to me.

It's a good name! I'd try it at least once!

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