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Kaaren is moving!
Yup, tomorrow morning at 9am, they are transferring her from Strong Memorial to the Unity Health System Acute Rehabilitation and Brain Injury Program, also in Rochester. As the move hasn't happened yet, I am utterly lacking in useful information such as phone number or room number.

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Ok I am going to be blunt! Allison spent a few months in Rehab facility after the accident. Make sure they take care of her and follow her doctor’s orders. Be vigilant and if there is something that does not appear to be correct challenge them, and do not back down! If they know you are active in the interest in her health they will do the right thing and not slack. I had a good working relationship with Allison’s nurses. The Administrator on the other hand is another story.

This is good news for her, that they are moving her. I hope things continue to look up!

Hugs from A and I


This was down in MD. After dealing with my Dada, My grandmother and my my in the hospital and a former EMT I have learned to be proactive when dealing with anyone in the hospital or a rehab center. The pople that work there are only human and make mistakes.


I am SOOO excited to hear this. I just spoke with our Neuro specialist at the college yesterday and she works at Unity and she was saying how she really hoped they would be moving Kaaren over to them...their program is much better than Strongs. I have not had a chance to go over since I visited on Monday. I just started my second job so my schedule has been packed. I will let Cindy know she is coming her way :) Kaaren will be in good hands over there.

Thanks for the enthusiastic endorsement of Unity.

Can Zahde and I crash at your place tomorrow (Saturday) night so we can visit Kaaren this weekend?

You are more than welcome to crash at my place Saturday night. I will be working till 2 in the afternoon but will be home around 3. Naomi and the babies will be here this weekend so it will be a full house. I have a single bed and a couch in the downstairs guest room that you and Zahde can take and I will put Naomi and the babies upstairs with us.
Bring blankets and pillows because I am short on blankets but have plenty of sheets.
Just let me know what time you plan on arriving and we will keep an eye out for you.

When you said that Kaaren is moving, at first I thought you meant "of her own volition."


Yeah, I was intentionally screwing with your head there. I caught sheherazahde the same way over the phone.

Make no mistake, she is perfectly capable of moving every part of her body she could move before except for her left arm and leg. And I'm going to be bringing her instruments which will provide her (and her rehabilitation team) something to aim for.

actually there was a tiny bit of movement in my left leg that I did myself... small but mighty right?I hope you know I realize you are a fantastic human being!

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