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Can't win for losing....
I've heard from a variety of people who are sorry they now live in an area with electronic voting and miss the old mechanical lever machines here in New York State.

I was just reading that the old lever machines have a problem: if the machines aren't properly maintained and tested (and no one can afford to properly test them, and few places maintain them properly), they can "stick" at 99 votes because the machines don't always generate enough oomph to roll over to 100. They know this because technicians have noted an abnormally large number of election tallys at 99 votes compared to 98 or 100.

Of course, just because you see a machine vote tally of 145 votes, it doesn't guarantee that it didn't count 98, 99, 99, 99, 99, 100, 101... Who knows how many votes were lost. And there's no paper trail, either.