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Skitten Update: Stroke
When last I saw her, she was drifting off to sleep with Apollo 13 on the telly.

I got to the hospital after she and her parents had already spoken to the doctor, so what updates I have are somewhat second-hand.

One of the blood tests came back: she is positive for a clotting disorder which another blood test in the works will determine if it is genetic. That, combined with the hole in the heart and the MRI results basically confirm that this is a stroke.

She still has no voluntary control over her left leg or arms. It appears she might even have less control over her fingers than yesterday, since she now seems incapable to move them at all. On the otherhand, she involuntarily yawned and turned her left hand over while I was watching, so I would surmise the motor pathways are still there, it's the control that's the problem.

She's on Heparin. This led to an amusing incident where she requested aspirin, and when the nurse came to verify, skitten said it was because she told to take one daily. The nurse looked at the chart and explained that (a) she was given one this morning, and (b) the purpose of the aspirin was as a blood thinner, and she's on Heparin, a heavy-duty blood thinner. So she doesn't need the daily aspirin.

Visitors today included our friend Marty and her daughter Sophia. Sophia gave skitten a stuffed horse named Chocolate. Penney also visited, and her parents are down as well. This evening while I was there Tammy and Sarrah arrived for a while, gifting Skitten with a miniature rose-bush. I'm not sure Tammy and Sarrah knew this ahead of time but skitten doesn't like getting gifts of flowers because they are dead-or-dying when you give them. As such, skitten will be very happy when she realizedsthat the rose bush has planting instructions and isn't cut flowers.

One thing I didn't get a good answer to while I was there is "where do we go from here?". In the short term, skitten will remain in Hospital. I didn't find out what treatment options or plans there are. I heard a brief mention of transfering her to a hospital in Rochester, but I don't know what the story is about that.

skitten enjoys phonecalls and visits. Feel free to visit or call.

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Holy crap! I didn't know she was sick. ::huge hugs::

My grandmother did stroke rehabilitation for a living. Trust me, it's not as bleak as it looks. There is a book out called Brain Gym that's really good, by Dr. Carla hanniford. It's worth looking into. If you need any more advice/someone to talk to who knows a bit about it, give me a ring. 512-818-1815

I will see you and Kaaren later today.

There is really nothing I can say right now that will help anyone. If it was 1 April I'd congratulate you two on a good joke.

I wish to hell it was 1 April... :-\

*hug* Please give skitten hugs for me, too. And from meadmaker.

If it's any consolation, my father had a stroke about 12 years ago. He recovered amazingly - nobody who had known him could tell after his rehab.

Can you send me the phone number at the hospital? My email is tigira at gmail dot com.

give her a hug for me. and take a hug for yourself. :)

What are good hours to call? *hug*

Well, heck. On the one hand, it's nice to actually have a solid diagnosis. However, it's hardly a comforting one. Make sure brain pressure is monitored, sometimes the swelling from damaged tissue from a stroke can cause other problems. How far are away are you guys?

Let me know if you need me to make it down for a bit as relief. It's a bit of a haul, but I can get there.

-- Rich

You both remain in my best thoughts and prayers.

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