Buddha Buck (blaisepascal) wrote,
Buddha Buck

Good thoughts our way....

Kaaren is in the hospital, due to a couple of bouts of partial paralysis along the left side of her body. I was up there until around 2am keeping on top of the situation.

At around 2:30pm, she was watching a movie and lying on the couch, and felt her left face become droopy and numb. She also felt disoriented and disconnected. She asked our housemate to take her to the hospital, and had improved some while she was there. Her speech was still a bit slurry, but they couldn't find anything wrong, and started getting her ready to go home. After standing, her left arm and leg became paralyzed, and she collapsed. So back she went in bed, back on oxygen and the machine that goes "ping", and any chance she had of going home yesterday went away.

I didn't know about any of this until 7pmish when Doc and Arc showed up at our door telling me to put on shoes because Kaaren was at the hospital. It turns out that (a) Kaaren had my phone, so she couldn't call me, and (b) nobody could accurately remember the name of the company I work for, so they couldn't call me there, either. I stayed with her until 2am, then came home, fell asleep, and dragged myself to work this morning.

The short list of what it probably isn't is: a stroke. The slightly longer list of what it might be is: a very small stroke, a TIA (a temporary loss of oxygen to the brain), a seizure, or it might be migraine-related. The planned activities today include more testing.

Last night she had three CT scans (two regular CT scans and a CTA, whatever that is), all of which looked clean and did not show any indication as to what caused it. The neurologist looked at the scans and talked to the radiologist at least twice looking for anything, but didn't see anything. He ordered a dose of valproic acid, and a blood workup for hypercoagulation. The bloodwork took four large syringes of blood, which then went into about a dozen small vials for testing.

Today, she gets an MRI to totally rule out a stroke -- a very small stroke could show nothing on a CT scan for days, but would be detectible on an MRI overnight, and if that comes up clean, she'll get an EEG. I'm sure they will have other plans for her by then.

I'm at work, I have my phone in case I need to leave. And I'm tired.

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