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Dear Lazyweb....
Anyone know an easy way to get maple syrup out of automobile upholstery?

Yes there is a story. Yes, it's funny. But I'm at work and shouldn't be taking the time to share it with you now.

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Steam! A monster steam cleaner is $29.00 at Wally world. It will get out most things.


chezelliott has the same answer as tth. And I REALLY want to hear the story!!

Needless to say current events have overrun my concern over the maple syrup. I'll get around to telling it sometime. If I don't say by Imbolc, ask me then.

will do. How is she doing? same hospital? what room number?

I haven't spoken to her since last night, so I don't know her current status. As of last night, she couldn't move her left arm or leg, and could wiggle her fingers a little bit. She was worried and upset.

She's in the same hospital, room 444

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