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Non-terrorist plane crash in NYC.
A small private airplane apparantly piloted by a NY Yankees relief pitcher crashed into a highrise apartment building in Manhattan a couple of hours ago. Pitcher Cory Lidle was found dead at the scene, and the plane was registered to him (which is why I'm making the assumption he was probably the pilot. The building suffered some damage, but nothing that looked major in the photographs.

This is not a repeat of 9/11, unless something really strange turns up. I'm not terrified of this one.

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The New York Times online suggests that the body has been positively identified as Mr Lidle.

True, but it's still possible he wasn't at the controls. The Times did say that two bodies were found. Assuming his logbook wasn't destroyed, we should be able to find out if he was the PIC or not.

Still, unless the other body was of a box-cutter wielding Saudi national, I still say this isn't 9/11 part II.

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