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Work and parties.
We had a demo at work on Friday, where we showed our work to a project manager working for the State to let him know of our progress and the state of or project. But it meant that this last week has been exceptionally hectic.

Thursday I ended up staying late at work (until 10:30pm) and I wasn't the last to leave. I was, however, the first at work on Friday. My boss (who was the last to leave) sent an email out to the group at 4:30am stating that he had figured out a solution to a problem that had been vexing him and Jim, the new guy, in how to get stuff to display. He figured it out by looking at my work and seeing how I had solved the same problem (geeky aside: we're doing stuff in XUL, and he wanted to put generated HTML content on the screen. He was trying to figure out how to stuff it into an iframe element, and wasn't having any luck. I had put dynamic content up simply by adding it to a box element, without trying to use an iframe). His email blamed me for not "giving everyone a dope-slap" about the solution. Needless to say, after getting this email, Jim and I were surprised, nay shocked, to see him stagger in around 9am.

The demo at 1:30pm went well. Unfortunately for me, the work I had been doing was, for reasons not able to be blamed on me, not able to be demoed (geeky aside again: Our project is supposed to be cross-platform, but there are some C++ libraries that we had been unable to cross-compile to Windows -- they are planned to be ripped out next week, but for now the full functionality is Linux-only. Since we had to use a Windows-based web-enabled meeting tool to demo the project, we planned to use Cygwin to run an X server on the Windows box, ssh into my development box, and run the actual app on my box, displayed in a window on the Windows box, which we would then share across the web-meeting link. Running the app remotely like that managed to crash the X server on the Windows box, but it works fine on my box). So we demoed the rest of the user interface, most of which was essentially mocked up. Other than that, it seemed to go good, and I don't think our funding is in jeopardy.

The next manager up the chain in the company took our team out to the nearest watering hole for a pitcher of Stovepipe Porter, and in general we destressed for the rest of the day until 5pm.

Then I headed for Boston for our friend Jeff's Cider Party -- and got in at 1:30am. I don't think Ithaca to Boston should normally take 8.5h, but it did, and I'm not sure what went wrong.

So between extreme fatigue from work and driving/riding to Boston, and the social anxiety I get around large crowds (Jeff's parties can have over 100 people over the course of the day), I've spent a lot of time today hiding from the party. Luckily, I have an internet connection and a good new book (Quantum Field Theory by Ryder), so I've been mostly happy. Except when the basement I'm hiding in was invaded by the pree-teen set for tea parties. But I did end up find they were easier to deal with than the crowds upstairs. The kids are now gone, and the adults have thinned out considerably, so maybe I'll go upstairs and see what's up.

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Wow, glad the demo went pretty well after all that! Are y'all going to plan how to better demo *your* stuff next time, or did the demo-ee notice it was missing.

Glad you got a retreat from the party, hope the rest is fun.

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