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(no subject)
A local eatery chain has special holiday menu options up in celebration of Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur.  Is it just me, or is having a special menu up for Yom Kippur about as sensible and sensitive as having lunch specials for Ramadan?

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Lunch specials for Ramadan, yeah - that's nuts. No lunches.


It is traditional to end the fast with a feast, and there are certain things that are customary, at least in some traditions (and I don't know offhand what those things are). Certainly it's not inappropriate for Rosh Hashanah, and probably assuming they're intending the Yom Kippur menu for the post-fast feast, that's probably not entirely inappropriate either.

Unless of course they're entirely culturally illiterate, and all they know is "it's a holiday" and therefore put up a special menu.

Considering that their standard Jewish Holiday menu includes potato latkes, rugellah, and the like, I suspect that it's more of the latter.

I wouldn't expect latkes to be on a holiday menu except in December, myself. Of course, I could be ignorant myself. Not that it matters, I'm not Jewish and I'll eat a good latke any time of the year.

Which chain? I haven't seen this around yet. It could be for break-fast though...

CTB, I specifically saw it at CTB-Collegetown.

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